Sunday, December 03, 2006

in today's nytimes:
On the plus side, the visit to Turkey by Pope Benedict XVI helped soothe
relations, especially after Benedict backed off his opposition to Turkey’s
application to join the European Union. The pope — who infuriated Muslims a few
months ago with a tone-deaf speech criticizing Islam — may have done even more
good with his visit to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, where he prayed facing
Mecca. [...] As he left Istanbul, the pope said he hoped his visit would bring
“civilizations progressively closer.” The European Union should listen.

"...and also, we're taking all our advice from the pope from now on. love, the new york times editorial staff." no? you don't think so? :)

not trying to be snarky, definitely not saying the nytimes should become a catholic publication. just one more step in my lifelong search for irony.

"given my lifelong search for irony, you can imagine how happy that makes me."

"i was BEING ironical."

also, you know what else i learned from the nytimes today? that harriet's character on studio 60 is based on kristin chenoweth, whom you may remember as glinda in wicked and annabeth on season 7 of the west wing. apparently she and aaron sorkin dated (hot - do you think he talks like his characters in real life?) and all that stuff (going on the 700 club, getting uninvited to perform at a christian concert, growing up in a religious family, discovering her talent at a young age) really happened to her. it was weird to read, actually. it's a really good article. oh, and she did pose for bikini pictures, so we'll see what harriet does...

do you think that matt is based on aaron himself? i'm going to pretend he is because of my intense love for matthew perry.