Sunday, April 29, 2007

feminist Cosby

I've been watching a lot of Cosby reruns on Nick at Nite. Love it.

1. Has everyone noticed how the show engages some sort of awesome feminist issues? Mrs. Huxtable is a strong career woman and she's very obviously passed that on to her daughters, and they can talk about their role as women with both their parents. I like it.
Sandra: You won't let me pump gasoline, but you'll ask me to get you a sandwich? Why is that?
Elvin: That's because pumping gas makes your hands smelly and dirty. Women should not smell like gasoline. They should smell like... sandwiches.
2. I always wanted to be able to dance like they do in the intro. Okay, still do.
3. I have always loved Theo. He's the one. I didn't realize it until I think high school, when I started watching reruns again and got all nervous and giggly when Theo was onscreen.
4. I remember the house from that show like I remember the house I grew up in. Seriously, I think I watched too much TV. I got to watch Cosby with my parents, and I had to go to bed when Cheers came on. I'd hear the theme song and knwo it was time for bed...

I have a great memory about the show from when I was about seven. We were watching TV at my grandparents' condo (their old condo, not the house) and I had gotten to stay up with the big kids and grownups for the first time. We were flipping channels, and the Cosby show came on, and my oldest cousin goes "Oh, I've seen this one. Rudy's sad because she doesn't have boobs yet." I was very impressed by her maturity in saying "boobs" in front of grandpa and everyone, but I think that she was probably in college at the time. (Still, I don't know if I'd say "boobs" at a family gathering, even now.) Anyway, for some reason, I said, "But I want to watch it!" and everyone laughed and said "FRB's in charge of the TV tonight!" I don't know if my cousin was mad or what. Of course, I had also already seen that episode. And I still love reruns.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

moves like a fist through traffic

i believe in the future
i may live in my car
my radio tuned to the voice of a star
song dogs barking at the break of dawn
lighting pushes the edges of a thunderstorm
and these old hopes and dreams still at my side

what is up with stars. i live downtown. i feel like i haven't seen stars in years.

stupid ambient light.

and sometimes even music cannot substitute for tears

if you haven't yet, or haven't recently, please listen to paul simon's "the cool, cool river." i really love this song, if only for "the rage of love turns inward to prayers of devotion..." but also for several other awesome, awesome lines. i remember struggling with which lines i could fit in my aim profile, which ones people would understand, how many characters i had left, etc.

but now i have a blog! and i can put in as many words as i want!

i believe in the future
we shall suffer no more
maybe not in my lifetime
but in yours

i also believe in the future, when we see face to face, the things we think are important now won't seem so important. but that's some rage for a different day.

Friday, April 27, 2007

[casually] oh, hey.

i know, i know, i'm such a blog loser.

here's a shoutout, or a business opportunity for all those of you who'd like to fund an independent film. there's more at go ahead, tell john you think he's brilliant.

and here are some things from mcsweeney's that i think are exceptionally funny.
Zen Parable or Just Someone Being Cruel?
Possible Titles for Future Sue Grafton Novels After She Runs Out of Letters, because my mom is always reading G is for Gumshoe and M is for Malice and such things. she's on T is for Trespass (sue, not my mom), and i think U is for Undercover seems like an obvious choice. i should suggest it.

um. i hope to be more profound slash funny later.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

happy opening day!

the jim borgman is courtesy of kathr.

i heart borgman. don't tell him i posted this on my blog...

and you know who else i heart? ADAM DUNN. he is SO GOOD at baseball.

and the reds are undefeated. let's reflect on that for... well, as long as we can.

joe didn't believe me when i said that you can get reds tickets for $5 on weeknights at home. [and great american rules as a ballpark. i'm just saying.] that's the good thing about being a reds fan, friends. no one wants to go to games.

oh, i kid. what i mean is, there's not a bullshit bandwagon. YEAH.

heyyyyy cincinnati - GO REDS!