Monday, June 29, 2009


spent the weekend with some of my biggest fans, and i'm in trouble for not posting. i have a couple ready to go, but most of my time today has been taken up by...


yes, friends, i now own an iphone and a guitar. apparently i'm about to become awesome.

in related news, ever wondered what you're teaching your phone? i have, obviously. and that's why i love this blog post.

i'd blog more, but i'm all caught up in jezebel's "fine lines" feature. what? you don't read it? DID YOU READ BOOKS AS A CHILD? [and are you my age, or a little older? and do you have a slight preference for books about girls? and are you nostalgic about them now?] well, then, this colummn is for you. and the writer has a blog and a book out, too.
Guy in seersucker suit completes the look with a nautical-themed belt. SIR, YOU ARE A CARICATURE.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

While working for my grad school program, I ran into a student from the school at which I teach. Accidentally introduced myself using my first name. Summer!
Engaged in professional ministry: setting things up, putting things away.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"earth's the right place for love," part 2.

totally overwhelmed by an episode of a prairie home companion today.

now, some of you may remember that i subscribe to the podcast of "the news from lake wobegon," and that i have trouble describing what it is. some extra-old readers might remember how awesome i think garrison keillor is, in general. anyway, here, he rants about mosquitoes and unfair competition and children leaving for college - and then this.
life is not fair. it is not fair. but it is generous. there is no justice in a state of nature, but there is... grace. there is an enormous degree of grace, as you know if you have ever been in love. if you have ever been deeply, deeply in love and you have walked on your most exalted day with her down the street, with your arm around her waist, your little finger hooked into the belt loop of her jeans, and you were walking so beautiful in this world, full of the wisdom, the mystery of love, you knew more than senators and congressmen and presidents and boards of directors and all the important people in this world, you possessed the secret of life, the secret of life which is... which is... love.
and then he literally BREAKS into SONG. sings a love song, just a capella right there. seriously. who is this guy? also, he does this every week without notes.

my june 2007 post about garrison keillor says, "this is one of those times when i feel like i'm going to spend the rest of my life reading this stuff without ever figuring out how to write it. not a bad life, though." still there - although, one barometer of how i've changed is that i'm determined that of COURSE i would never be so HETERONORMATIVE in my own writing. so either i'm more sensitive and accepting of others, or more full of outrage. not sure which i want.

in related news, a friend recommended religion dispatches [he likes it because their tagline right now is "exhilirating the breakfast table since 2008"] and i've added it to the sidebar, maybe just because of this line - "The sad truth is that neither a feminist’s nor a theologian’s work is ever done." um, YEAH. i share this opinion. as you all may know. from this blog.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Heard the engine noise from around the corner and ran because I thought I was about to miss the bus. Turns out I was about to miss the garbage truck.