Monday, June 29, 2009


spent the weekend with some of my biggest fans, and i'm in trouble for not posting. i have a couple ready to go, but most of my time today has been taken up by...


yes, friends, i now own an iphone and a guitar. apparently i'm about to become awesome.

in related news, ever wondered what you're teaching your phone? i have, obviously. and that's why i love this blog post.

i'd blog more, but i'm all caught up in jezebel's "fine lines" feature. what? you don't read it? DID YOU READ BOOKS AS A CHILD? [and are you my age, or a little older? and do you have a slight preference for books about girls? and are you nostalgic about them now?] well, then, this colummn is for you. and the writer has a blog and a book out, too.

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