Saturday, November 21, 2009

free will, again.

okay, in one of the weirdest coincidences of my life: "It's the beautifully terrible thing about free will: we can do whatever we like but we must be held accountable for whatever we do." didn't i just say something really similar? weird. and awesome. oh, and she's talking about being a porn star.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

free will and team jacob.

happy new moon day! word is, it's a juicebomb. i'm so excited. [and i miss a certain former roommate and co-twilight fan who would definitely go see it with me.]

so my students are currently, when they're supposed to be learning, all about looking at taylor lautner on the cover of men's health. guess what, guys? this child was born in 1992. [which makes the accompanying article that much more ridiculous. he's a good cover model because he gained muscle between the ages of 15 and 17? yeah, that's what happens to people between their freshman and junior years of HIGH SCHOOL. blargh.]

interestingly, he came up in class today when i talked about how being in a real relationship is both better and worse than being in an imaginary relationship with a celebrity. the freedom to give and receive love also leaves us open rejection - right? it's the paradox of free will, students! free will gives us the ability to say "i love you" and have it mean something, but then we eat fruit we're not supposed to and get kicked out of the garden! the catechism calls it a terrible mystery. we can choose to love God and each other, but we can also choose not to...

also, this is the kind of blog feedback i get.
Thanks for the shout-out in the blog. Also, I loved your post on UST. Except, they weren't just uncover as a married couple, but undercover as married ASSASSIANS.
she's right, of course.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mmm, the internet.

because i love food and graphic organizers: where should i eat?
or, you know, you could also just find the nearest burrito.

both the links above are from the gchat trend of posting links in your status. i like it. i feel like it's the grown-up version of away messages. we've all moved on from emotional song lyrics into, "i thought you might find this article interesting."

OR HAVE WE? confession: i wish it were still socially acceptable to post emotional, mysterious-but-obvious-to-all-my-friends, semi-obscure song lyrics in my away message. how else will i let everyone know what i'm feeling?

oh, on this blog? right.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

some internet things.

courtesty of kathr...

big ben clock on twitter. heh. that's what it says, all right.
go fug yourself, which i'm finding very entertaining. the ads are kind of distressing, but they're probably making bank, yeah?

now, excuse me while i go write a pop quiz on the sacrament of anointing. [woot.]

Thursday, November 05, 2009

roommates + tv.

b: you know who was cute, though? that guy at the next table who talked to us.
s: oh no! we should have gone over there and fallen in his lap!
k: wait. all of us?
s: no! frb could have fallen in his lap! or i could have PUSHED her.
b: yeah, if our life were a crime show. with lots of UST.

unresolved sexual tension, friends. thanks to NEW ROOMMATE, i've found that this is the key to every TV show i like. it's all, "we love each other, clearly. we can't get together, though, or ever admit to our feelings. that is, unless we're stuck together in some sort of hostage situation. or undercover as a married couple. or in a drug-induced hallucination."

[in order, those were SVU, NCIS, and house. yeah, you knew.]

clearly, this is all making me think of JAG. some of you may remember the episode of JAG in which mac tells sturgis that she's in love with harm. then she asks him not to tell and, oh right, he never does. one of you may also remember saying, "that's the PROBLEM with watching a show on HONOR. he actually won't tell."

also, if any of you are thinking that the pesky "plot" is getting in the way of the obvious sexual tension between your favorite characters, well - let me direct you to BONES, in which the storylines about midget wrestling [i kid you not] are always secondary to the smoldering glances, awkward pauses, and long discussions about looooove.

WHY DO I NOT WATCH MORE 30 ROCK? this show is hilarious. they just made a GRAMMAR joke. [what. in my world, that IS hilarious.] later edit: spent all day yesterday watching 30 rock, then wore a liz lemon-inspired outfit out. it was awesome.