Monday, August 31, 2009

"other people can see that, you know."

kid: and dad? cool it with the twitter updates.
dad: [texting] i'm sitting on the patio...

does anyone else love, love, LOVE this verizon commercial? with the parents, and their technology?

also, i'm watching law and order: ci. at first i was mad because it's obvious who the killer is going to be, because the killer is always the most famous non-regular actor in the show. turns out that you know who the killer is all along, and the premise of the show is that he's THE GUY WHO WORKS IN THE CRIME LAB. i know. crazy, right?!

so anyway, i imdb-ed him, and it turns out that this guy has been in every show i like. without a trace? check. the west wing? check. csi, the practice - apparently this guy is successful.

also, i miss the practice. remember that show? dang.

Friday, August 21, 2009


These people who talk on their phones on the bus in the morning amaze
me. I'm not sure many of my friends are awake enough at this hour to
do that...

Also, a little girl on the bus pulled out Charlotte's Web. Awwww.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

oh no! not atticus!

wow, bad week for guys from books i read in high school. is atticus finch a classist? i mean, i always thought he was supposed to be super understanding, right? and since mayella ewell was ready to have tom robinson die rather than admit she was lying, well - i'd like to say i don't hate how he exposes her lie. but, as this jezebel article points out, he's a complicated character in a complicated situation. which is why he rules.

and he is not an alcoholic dickbag. hahahaha, i'm still laughing at that comic.

also, bad week for guys in general. apparently this is how i'm going to ask you out, guys. [from cosmo, obv, because they suck so bad.]
Invite Him on a Group Date
If you can't quite bring yourself to suggest solo time together, try inviting him out with a bunch of your friends which will make you feel more at ease. One caveat: Avoid having your Giselle look-a-like pal tag along — you want to make sure his eyes stay glued to you.
take note: if a girl asks you to hang out with her friends, but only the ugly ones are there, THAT is a date. because guys only care about looks, amirite? sigh. also, i wouldn't be able to do this, because all my friends are pretty pretty.

they also suggest sending him a drink at a bar as a "stealth" way to let a stranger know you're interested. i'm not sure how stealthy that is, actually. [and i'm pretty stealthy.]

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The usual FRB change of heart.

Okay, no offense, because this is something I know nothing about - but
what are pharmacists doing back there? I mean, sure, look up my info
and all, but really... 15 minutes? How involved is this?

On the other hand, Walgreens is the only place I ever hear "Walking in
Memphis," so I guess I can wait.

Awww, also, a little tourist family (I'm on Michigan Avenue, they have
a huge camera, and now I understand why someone would put a Walgreens
here) just got some allergy medicine for their little boy and the
pharmacist gave them a glass of water for him to take it. He's going
to feel better! Suddenly I'm all warm-hearted.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Over my limit.

There are multiple dogs in this bar. I think my limit for dogs in a
bar is zero.

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