Monday, August 03, 2009

oh no! not atticus!

wow, bad week for guys from books i read in high school. is atticus finch a classist? i mean, i always thought he was supposed to be super understanding, right? and since mayella ewell was ready to have tom robinson die rather than admit she was lying, well - i'd like to say i don't hate how he exposes her lie. but, as this jezebel article points out, he's a complicated character in a complicated situation. which is why he rules.

and he is not an alcoholic dickbag. hahahaha, i'm still laughing at that comic.

also, bad week for guys in general. apparently this is how i'm going to ask you out, guys. [from cosmo, obv, because they suck so bad.]
Invite Him on a Group Date
If you can't quite bring yourself to suggest solo time together, try inviting him out with a bunch of your friends which will make you feel more at ease. One caveat: Avoid having your Giselle look-a-like pal tag along — you want to make sure his eyes stay glued to you.
take note: if a girl asks you to hang out with her friends, but only the ugly ones are there, THAT is a date. because guys only care about looks, amirite? sigh. also, i wouldn't be able to do this, because all my friends are pretty pretty.

they also suggest sending him a drink at a bar as a "stealth" way to let a stranger know you're interested. i'm not sure how stealthy that is, actually. [and i'm pretty stealthy.]

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