Sunday, March 13, 2011

El numero uno.

Okay, this is very cool. (Click the picture to see the artist's site, and the responses.)

Via PostSecret (which is almost always moderately NSFW - you never know when there's going to be a naked secret).

I was hanging out with one of my favorite babies (who is now a walking-talking type of baby) last week and talking about why we don't want to eat mantequilla off the table, and I mentioned to her parents that I learned how to say "butter" in Spanish from this Sesame Street skit...

"Excuse me, it's time for me to do my singing and dancing waiter part."

I was shocked, shocked I say, to hear Sesame Street is getting rid of Grover. Can you believe it, guys? And I knew I was with a psychology nerd slash dad when he snarked, "Yeah, they're getting rid of all the characters with a negative affect." Negative affect, indeed. I loved this skit when I was a kid because, even as a kid, you're in on the trick - if he just puts the food on the table first, he won't drop it. Said friend likes this skit because it's okay when Grover messes up.