Monday, October 29, 2007

"so apparently this detachable penis song is something people have actually heard of."

oh, and you haven't? clearly, you are NOT cool if this is not your FAVORITE song.

kind of catchy, though.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

please. i had that on my aim profile.

anyone catch the sportscenter interview with stanford football coach jim harbaugh?

well, first of all, he looked really confused about the whole thing. not that i'm judging. i mean, i wouldn't want espn to interview me. [lie. i totally would.] and it's not that i don't appreciate his beating usc, because ohhh, i do.

but, in answer to "what was the key to winning the game?" here's what he said.
[glance down] well, that our players decided that they could win. so many times in life, so many people tell you no, until it becomes a hundred cant's, a hundred no's, you can't do this, you're not big enough, you're not fast enough, you're not strong enough... until finally our football team said yes, and all those no's and cant's became meaningless, last night in the coliseum.
now, i have seen that before.
all your life you are told the things you cannot do. all your life they will say you're not good enough or strong enough or talented enough. they'll say you're the wrong height or the wrong weight or the wrong type to play this or be this or achieve this. they will tell you no, a thousand times no. until all the no's become meaningless. all your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly.
they will tell you no.
and you will tell them yes.
who remembers this from the greatest nike ad ever? i mean, i think i still have the original page torn out from a magazine. SO BADASS. but i don't know how i feel about just randomly quoting it on sportscenter.

unless, of course, it's up on the wall of your training room and it gets stuck in your head. in that case, all i have to say is THE HARDER YOU WORK, THE HARDER IT IS TO SURRENDER!!!

while i was looking up the nike ad, i found this. i think it's from my first visit home from college. aww. so classic. as was seeing mike last summer and realizing that i'm now older than he was when he started coaching us.

me: mike, is my technique on a downward spiral?
mike: you could say that.
joe: that would imply that you were once on a peak.
me: that was when you were coaching me. that was my peak!
joe: oh. you were pretty rough then. i haven't seen you row now, but...
me: at least i had some leg drive.
joe: that can't be coached.
me: i need to get good in the next week and a half.
mike: you're carrying your blade too low on the water. that's where all your problems start.
me: that's how they wanted me to row at school!
mike: well, i wouldn't do that.

is it weird that this all makes me kind of nostalgic?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"el preterito. it blowito."

b: that's the other fun thing i did at the catholic worker - watched the scooby doo where they go to mexico.
m: well, what were they doing down THERE?
j: [nods knowingly] chasing the chupacabra.

yeah, he hadn't seen this one. he just assumed. because what else would they be doing down there, besides meddling? it wasn't the real chupacabra, by the way - just someone in a costume. [spoiler alert. sorry.]

so tonight, after dinner, i got to help watch the kids while their parents were at a house meeting. totally ideal, and here's why - the two-year-old twins are totally at the same level of spanish that i am. alejandro [or jesus, depending] played a little spanish game with me.

a/j: que es esto?
b: la luz.
a/j: que es esto?
b: una botella.
a/j: que es esto?
b: um... no se.

and then he would answer "la luna!" [to be fair, he was pointing at a poster] or "rainbow!" [same poster] depending on whether he was feeling the english or spanish. he'd be a little disappointed if i didn't know the answer. and he's right, because he can conjugate verbs and i can't.

potty training, by the way, is universal. no language barrier there.