Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"el preterito. it blowito."

b: that's the other fun thing i did at the catholic worker - watched the scooby doo where they go to mexico.
m: well, what were they doing down THERE?
j: [nods knowingly] chasing the chupacabra.

yeah, he hadn't seen this one. he just assumed. because what else would they be doing down there, besides meddling? it wasn't the real chupacabra, by the way - just someone in a costume. [spoiler alert. sorry.]

so tonight, after dinner, i got to help watch the kids while their parents were at a house meeting. totally ideal, and here's why - the two-year-old twins are totally at the same level of spanish that i am. alejandro [or jesus, depending] played a little spanish game with me.

a/j: que es esto?
b: la luz.
a/j: que es esto?
b: una botella.
a/j: que es esto?
b: um... no se.

and then he would answer "la luna!" [to be fair, he was pointing at a poster] or "rainbow!" [same poster] depending on whether he was feeling the english or spanish. he'd be a little disappointed if i didn't know the answer. and he's right, because he can conjugate verbs and i can't.

potty training, by the way, is universal. no language barrier there.


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