Saturday, July 31, 2010

Important skills.

A girl on the train just yelled, "Show my mom! Show her! She loves
it!" The girl next to her blew a bubble with her gum, shrugged, and
said, "It was bigger last time." We're sure it was, Ms. Champion

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

today's best.

internet version:
this is just to say that i'm tired of sharing an apartment with william carlos williams. funny enough that my roommate asked me why i was laughing. [it is important that you know the poem this is based on.]

internet VIDEO version:
pacey-con with joshua jackson. in which he reads fanfic. about himself. [it is important that you know pacey.]

real-life version:
harried server at the moth storyslam: "excuse me, did you have the grilled chicken salad wrap? no? they told me 'guy with glasses.' everyone here's wearing glasses. too many intellectuals." that's not the word i would use... [it is important that you know that i am often seen hanging out in places where men wear glasses. also beards.]

baseball! babies!

if you thought i wasn't going to post this video [by deadspin] of dads catching foul balls while holding babies, well, you don't know me at all.

if you think my life is being run by gawker media, well, that's a whole different story. but i try not to read lifehacker too much, because it always makes me want to change my life in many ways that are probably not going to happen today.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

things that are free and not free.

in addition to my sunday routine of reading postsecret, today i read an article about postsecret. it was good. i think my favorite part was the video of frank reading the secrets as they come in. how do i say this? it was cool, okay? i love how he does this out of his house. and there he was, in his house.

also, click through if you hate the bank [video NSFW]. or if you enjoy a fantastical story and some humor based on having no money.
"i'm not being broke just to mess with you..."
"i wish i just had nothing, but i have LESS than that."

[also, and i can't believe i almost forgot - "i want to quit the bank!"]

Thursday, July 22, 2010

house rules, UST.

so, maybe i commented on the obvious sexual tension ["you're my partner. if anyone's going to have your back, it's me."] in last night's episode of SVU. and a gentleman caller at our house was confused.

m: is there a romantic thing there? wait, there isn't, he's married.
b: HELLLOOOO, the whole point of the SHOW is that they LOVE EACH OTHER!
m: is it?
b: [pause] no.
k: in our house, it is.

something else - best. oatmeal. cookies. ever. no lie. because when do i blog about recipes? almost never. but this one. oh my.

also, for your consideration, my roommate just asked me if i know the noble gases. then if i know the third race in the triple crown. sporcle much?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet home.

The guy next to me on the train has a tattoo of a heart with a Chicago
flag in it. WELL-DONE. As he stepped off the train, the announcer
said, "This... is Chicago." I mean, because that's the stop we were
at, but still. I felt like an extra in the movie of his life.

And then, I went to Planet Earth Live.

Serious Announcer: The next story we're going to play is about an
almost-mythical creature...
Some Guy: YEAHHHH!!!
SA: Yeah. [Laughs, uncharacteristically.] The snow leopard.

So, what do you think he was yelling for? Mythical? Anticipating the
snow leopard? Hoping for a hippogriff?

Friday, July 02, 2010

From the email files...

This is the part where I go into my email and find all the things I labeled "blog," and then randomly post them.

Talk Deeply, Be Happy?
"Would you be happier if you spent more time discussing the state of the world and the meaning of life — and less time talking about the weather?"

Interview with the First Lady
I forget why I thought this was cool.

A Critical Moment: Barack Obama, Notre Dame, and the Future of the U.S. Church
I mean, it's predictable why I thought this was cool.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

the future looks good.

via feministing, by kids about gender stereotypes:

"she gets made fun of a lot because she acts 'like a boy.' and she's 'not supposed to.'"

if you watch to the end, there's some pretty sweet kid-speculation about how stereotypes got started.

also, only related in that i'm looking at the internet right now: passive-agressive wi-fi network names. how have i never seen any of these?