Friday, December 30, 2011

"I want you to help me catch a killer of women."

[crazyintense lisbeth salander eyestare]

remember? from the trailer?

so yeah, saw girl with the dragon tattoo. it's good. and keep in mind that i also saw the swedish version of the movie and read the book, um, more than once. so there you have it.


1. daniel craig is extra craggy, as usual. very nice choice.
2. remember when people were saying that rooney mara wasn't going to be able to look like lisbeth, and casting her was shallow and hollywoody and stuff? they were wrong about that. she's perfect.
3. stellan skarsgard is creeeeeeeeeepy. but genial. kind of like in good will hunting, right? my movie companion and i agreed that he gets point for actually being swedish, and i'm not sure how his character would have come across if i hadn't already known he was the worst of creepers. but really, nice casting.

worth a watch if you liked the book. although! remember what the book is about? it's super disturbing and you need to know that before you see it. i've been through this several times with several people. you know what this movie is going to be about. don't see if it you don't want to.

that said, points for faithfulness to the story. the beginning (libel trial, millennium in trouble, relationship with erika) is fast - maybe too fast, if you didn't know the story. they left out his jail time (because why was that necessary, really) and his relationship with cecilia, and they added a random comment on swedish history and nazis, i guess? but otherwise, very nice job with the plot.