Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"equality is like gravity."

if you love joss whedon, the creator of buffy, and you love equality - well, this is for you. it's a short speech that was recommended as "funny and poignant" by the creator of this, the inspiration for this post...

we were watching it at work, and, oh, by the way - check out the info, because it's a feminist critique. i'm trying to finish this post with something witty, but i'm sickish and can't concentrate - so just enjoy the links, okay?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

electronic time capsule.

at trader joe's today, this mom goes, "i'll tell you when you're unfrozen. i'll tell you when you're unfrozen." and i look over, and there's her frozen son, going, "can i be unfrozen now can i be unfrozen now can i be unfrozen now!" and holding on to the shopping cart in a semi-awkward position. i was like, NICE. watch me try that with my students.

i was searching for something else [i know, when is that ever NOT a lie? but seriously] and found some old emails. a few observations.

1. the past seems to have passed. this was an emotional email about an event i semi-remember. out of the moment, it makes very little sense, actually. and yet, at the time i had to record EVERY SINGLE DETAIL.
2. i said this - "[friend's former, kind of hateful boss] totally wants to give you a job! will [even older internship boss] recommend you?" weird to remember being excited about a friend potentially getting a job that, later, she ended up getting, then gradually not liking over a couple of years, then leaving for another job...
3. this prediction - "someday i'll be able to wear nylons more than once." is it true yet?

oh, gchat. thanks for giving us a time capsule for our lives since 2005.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No, I will NOT let friendship shine.

Arrrgghhhh former Olympians! Get your disembodied voices out of my

Apparently the Chicago 2016 people have decided to record a bunch of
commercials about how great it would be to have the Olympics in
Chicago - and now they're playing on the bus. Not my favorite thing,
mostly because they're super loud and keep taking me by surprise.

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