Wednesday, September 16, 2009

electronic time capsule.

at trader joe's today, this mom goes, "i'll tell you when you're unfrozen. i'll tell you when you're unfrozen." and i look over, and there's her frozen son, going, "can i be unfrozen now can i be unfrozen now can i be unfrozen now!" and holding on to the shopping cart in a semi-awkward position. i was like, NICE. watch me try that with my students.

i was searching for something else [i know, when is that ever NOT a lie? but seriously] and found some old emails. a few observations.

1. the past seems to have passed. this was an emotional email about an event i semi-remember. out of the moment, it makes very little sense, actually. and yet, at the time i had to record EVERY SINGLE DETAIL.
2. i said this - "[friend's former, kind of hateful boss] totally wants to give you a job! will [even older internship boss] recommend you?" weird to remember being excited about a friend potentially getting a job that, later, she ended up getting, then gradually not liking over a couple of years, then leaving for another job...
3. this prediction - "someday i'll be able to wear nylons more than once." is it true yet?

oh, gchat. thanks for giving us a time capsule for our lives since 2005.

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