Thursday, September 27, 2007


i mean, here are my up-to-the-minute observations on the season premiere of the office. i'm basically the sports guy. only not a guy. and not with sports.

PAM IS SO PRETTY! soooooo pretty.

good friends again? WTF.

hahahaha, i love kevin. love him. "pam and jim are TOTALLY hooking up."

oscar. "they've been in remarkably good moods. could be other things."

i have a sweater JUST like pam's. i swear.

HAHAHAHA making angela feel guilty about party planning! yes!

"i'm still the big dog in a... fairly... large pond."

"like pb and j. pam beasley and jim. what a waste. what. a. waste."

um. pam and jim are SO TOTALLY SNEAKING AROUND. i knew it, and you know how i knew? because pam is pretty.

THE TV CREW is confronting them. I LOVE THAT. as if pam's hair weren't proof enough. awww, and they are cute!

dangling participle? is that what they're calling it these days?

haha, i really want to see jan and pam fight. over michael.

dwight has a really great run. really great.

"you don't know me. you've just seen my penis." money to whoever can use that in context.

okay, awesome. i forgot how addicted i am to TV.

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