Thursday, September 20, 2007


one of my coworkers made fun of me today for leaving a computer that was signed on to everything - "you're, like, way signed on. i'm in your email... your gradebook... your blog..."

which was false.

this is the real me.

guys, i'm having some serious trouble with the whole "never acknowledge another person's presence in any way" rule on the el. the other day, i offered my seat to a lady who, while not very old, had some gray hair. i'm just saying. anyway, i said something like, "i'm not offering you this seat because you're old! it's just that you're older than i am." but then she didn't hear me, and i had to repeat it twice. it was much less funny the third time. she was pretty awkwarded out, to be honest, and the 2,000 people squished around us just pretended they weren't listening. as usual.

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