Wednesday, September 05, 2007

sweet home

conversation between two loud twentysomething women on the el today. ready go.

1: [getting on the train] so she was tooootally macking on this guy at the bar! and i walked by and called her a hooker, and she was like, so that's why you never called me back!
1: i mean, i guess he's 26. and maybe that's what we did when we were 26. but i think, as you get older, and relationships mature... like, whenever a guy i was dating did something mean or whatever, i told ALL my friends.
2: they say you should never tell your parents if a guy is a jerk or whatever.
1: right, because then you're like, oh, i like him again and they're like, why. he's a dick.
1: but then i think about it, and I'M kind of a dick.
2: i mean, right. i'm no great shakes.
1: it's like, i need my alone time too...

so today, i did something i haven't done since first grade - missed my stop on the bus. [this time, my mom wasn't there to run after the school bus. i have a very clear memory of looking out the back window at my mom running down the street after us.] i'm riding, and there's the tribune building, and the building from the allstate commercial, and we're on michigan, and then the driver goes, "end of the line, ma'am" and i was like, what? where was lake and state? and he very nicely directed me to the bus going in the other direction.

[i've told this story a few times, and every time i've started it with, "so you know how i always talk to strangers?"] the second bus driver, when i told him my story, very nicely asked which stop i had missed. i said, you know, state and lake. [see the picture. embarrased to have missed it, right?]

and then HE said that the bus doesn't GO that way on the way back. soutbound on state, northbound on michigan. or whatever. i didn't really get it. [kind of like every single other time someone tries to tell me where something is in chicago.] but the point is, i didn't miss the stop. the DRIVER missed the stop.

so there?

and there you go. adventures in the big city.

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  1. Glad to have your crazy antics and stories back.