Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sock puppets

here's a comment from planicka that apparently isn't showing up on the last post:
Hey B. I suppose I could just email you, but all your other faithful readers might enjoy this too. On a whim I followed the link to God's Politics, and encountered a great story on the Vatican and Conscientious Objection. Liking the story, I followed the link to the author's blog, and, well, just read the post on 7/4/07. Powerful stuff, I'd say. Godspeed.
also, have you all been following the story about the ceo of whole foods, who's been posting online about his competitors? i mean, anonymously? it reminds me of something we all used to do in high school, but that's another story... anyway, you can read about it at nytimes [an analysis of the situation] or listen at npr [this was when it first came out, and it's just funny].

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  1. Yea, it's up there now. I'm an idiot.