Sunday, July 01, 2007

some more news and things.

i can't get it bigger, sorry - just click on it. [you can see the graphic and the article yourself too.] young americans are leaning left on universal health care and gay marriage, but they're the same as adult americans on abortion and global warming. hmmm. thoughts?

i always like commonweal, as the world knows - but i thought these two different opinions on homosexuality and the church were very thoughtful. one talks about how the issue is really the limits of church authority and interpretation of scripture, and how we need some changes. the other talks about celibacy and sacrifice. both are either gay or have gay children, and i appreciate their efforts at authenticity. i know i'm predisposed to like everything that's written in commonweal ever, but i appreciate the dialogue.

also, i may or may not have a huge crush on this guy. something to do with a social conscience? loves dogs and his mother? athletic OR musical? seriously, though, it's a good story.

i'm watching the first two episodes of season two of the west wing with commentary. in the first one, janel moloney talks sort of breathlessly about how much she loves and admires all the other actors. [especially brad, CLEARLY.] in the second one, martin sheen cracks up the entire time, except for the times he's appropriately solemn. i love it.

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