Tuesday, July 03, 2007

live from antarctica

so i was listening to all things considered [as USUAL] yesterday and heard this story about a band from the seventh continent - and i was like, whaaat? [as i'm sure you all are, now. so interested. sucked in to the story.]

but you have to listen to it to get the full effect. for these reasons:
1. british accent.
2. "well, we're not sure if we're as big as metallica..."

hilarious, and also - has anyone heard from metallica recently? i haven't, since they killed napster. i mean, maybe i'm just that far out of the scene, right?

but here's my main context for metallica in the past few years, and it's from pictionary with dave's family of pictionary world champions:
me: metal... music? a metal band?! which band? oh gosh, i don't know ANY metal bands...
my team: [eyes bulging, forehead veins popping]
other team: you're going to be so mad when you find out what it is... [superior look, head shake]

i hate pictionary.


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