Tuesday, July 03, 2007

and a looooooooooooong jacket

you know what song i love? short skirt/long jacket by cake. i loved it in waitress. and i love the person who, on a fan site for the movie, posted that there is a song in the movie by cake and pointed out that it's an ironic choice. because, see, the movie is about PIE. i'm not sure that's why they used the song, but it's a great song and a great movie and i recommend them both.

happy fourth, friends. and on this lovely summer holiday, i would like to assure you all that i haven't forgotten about baseball.

at the reds/indians game:
indians fans: [cheering because their team is, you know, doing well]
random guy a few rows up: you suck, braves! no one likes you! you're playing against one of the worst teams in baseball!
[awkward pause]
another random: braves?
RGFRU: i mean... INDIANS!

props to this guy for re-yelling with the correct name. way to edit your remarks.

so i'll let you know how the new GM does. for now, all i have to report is that they're not playing "heyyyy cincinnati - go reds!" for the batters who didn't choose a random country or rap song for when they're up to bat. so there's that. i kind of miss it.

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