Thursday, June 21, 2007

"earth's the right place for love"

this is what we need. and yes, all i can think of in my head is finn's hotel. [random memory from high school spanish: "you don't need to say 'crazy in the head.' where else would you be crazy, in your stomach?" if i were editing my own blog, i would take my red pen and cross out "in my head" above.]

"People have been falling in love through every dismal era of history and through every war ever fought. Enormous black headlines in the newspapers and agitated talk in the cafes and yet she waited for him on the corner by the hotel where they had agreed to meet, and as traffic streamed past she watched the buses pulling up to the curb, looking for his familiar shape, his beautiful face, his slight smile. Under her arm, a newspaper, and inside it a columnist shaking his tiny fist at corruption, but it isn't worth two cents compared to what's in her heart. When her lover steps down, the air will be filled with bright purple blossoms and they will embrace and turn and go into the hotel, and on this, the future of the world depends."
- Garrison Keillor, "Love Will Outlast Bush"

i saved this article a year ago because it's so rare that i read something that i actually wish i had written. it's not just that i want to read this over and over again - i want to be able to WRITE THIS. it reminds me of a certain conversation i had with a certain friend about a certain book that included some of my favorite descriptions of a book, ever: "I'm writing you in somewhat of a frenzy. I've just finished Swann's Way by Marcel Proust. Upon completing it I swore frequently and then jumped around my room for a while. I have just finished one of the greatest novels I have ever read, one of the greatest novels I could ever hope to read, and I'm caught in this swirl of fervent emotions...." and then, among his many emotions, "I want to burn the book because it has waxed upon every subject that I might, one day, like to write, and it has done it infinitely better than I ever could...." [thanks to gmail and its searchability for this one. i'd like to ask this friend's permission to quote him in my blog, but he's in mexico, so who cares. note to my friends who have been abroad or in the seminary for more than a year: this isn't funny anymore. GET BACK HERE.] but yes, this is one of those times when i feel like i'm going to spend the rest of my life reading this stuff without ever figuring out how to write it. not a bad life, though.

"out, out-" by robert frost came up in a great conversation this week, which of course reminds me of the entire awesomeness of "birches." [and both good conversations and "birches" remind me of being aware of college. yes and yes.] but yeah, frost. he's like a punch in the face. you can't exerpt this stuff. you've got to read the whole thing, and then you get to the end, and - PUNCH!

here's what it's like - the end of "suite: judy blue eyes." you've got to listen to the whole song before you can get to the do do do do part. and it's better that way. come on, who's with me on this? planicka? "que linda me la traiga cuba..."

there's only one way
i know
how to do this
stay here.

ahhh, joshua radin. you always get me.

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