Thursday, June 14, 2007

daily news review

"text in time saves nimble-fingered teen"

important question - what was the text? "idk my bff jill"?

"it sort of plants a seed of hopefulness"

yeah, sort of. [aggravation at non-specific language. does it, or doesn't it? SORT OF? way to speak up. i mean, to her credit, i'm glad no one's writing down whatever i say.] anyway, i'm glad someone's noticed how many of my friends are doing random save-the-world things. and i'm really glad that some of these programs are starting to be competetive as far as offering benefits to their volunteers - i mean, better stipends, help with housing, jobs they like, but also quick decisions and support and things like that. i think you can get more people to save the world if you give them what they need while they're doing it. it's a good idea.

"ruff idea: dogs on fountain square"

that's literally [and i do mean literally] the headline in the cincinnati enquirer today. hehe. i'm so sad it's not in the online version. i hope someone was like, "hey, that looks stupid! change it."

i'm reminded of an idea we once had about public service announcements.

we take this very serious.
adverbs. pass it on.

#2 [today's addition]
i literally died when i heard that.
precise language. pass it on.

let's reflect on what 2003 would have been like with youtube.

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