Friday, June 15, 2007

"third way" = excitement

i thought that this post on "a new pro-life" was going to be old news, but look! a third way! yessss. i also like the "not left or right, but deeper." maybe i've been reading too many vatican ii documents, but the christian response can't be determined by political parties. especially when we see that our solutions aren't going to be in human categories. ahjdlsjakas! my brain is mush. too much highlighting.

daily schedule lately:
1. get up too early.
2. put on scrubby clothes or different pajamas.
3. brew and drink six cups of coffee.
4. study.

so, no wonder i can't put together a cogent blog post.

am i headed for the same brick wall?
is there anything i can do about anything at all?
except go back to that corner in manhattan
and dig deeper
dig deeper this time
- ani, "fuel"

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