Monday, August 31, 2009

"other people can see that, you know."

kid: and dad? cool it with the twitter updates.
dad: [texting] i'm sitting on the patio...

does anyone else love, love, LOVE this verizon commercial? with the parents, and their technology?

also, i'm watching law and order: ci. at first i was mad because it's obvious who the killer is going to be, because the killer is always the most famous non-regular actor in the show. turns out that you know who the killer is all along, and the premise of the show is that he's THE GUY WHO WORKS IN THE CRIME LAB. i know. crazy, right?!

so anyway, i imdb-ed him, and it turns out that this guy has been in every show i like. without a trace? check. the west wing? check. csi, the practice - apparently this guy is successful.

also, i miss the practice. remember that show? dang.

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  1. Yeah, The Practice was awesome. Dylan McDermott is still the only man for me (literally!). Dark hair, blue eyes. Irresistible.