Sunday, August 02, 2009

The usual FRB change of heart.

Okay, no offense, because this is something I know nothing about - but
what are pharmacists doing back there? I mean, sure, look up my info
and all, but really... 15 minutes? How involved is this?

On the other hand, Walgreens is the only place I ever hear "Walking in
Memphis," so I guess I can wait.

Awww, also, a little tourist family (I'm on Michigan Avenue, they have
a huge camera, and now I understand why someone would put a Walgreens
here) just got some allergy medicine for their little boy and the
pharmacist gave them a glass of water for him to take it. He's going
to feel better! Suddenly I'm all warm-hearted.

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  1. UPDATE: Talked to a real pharmacist. (Or, brought up this story in front of a real pharmacist, forgetfully. Oops.) Apparently just because you're the only one THERE doesn't mean you're the first one in line, considering call-in orders and such. Also, people complain too much. Hopefully I'm not one of them. :)