Thursday, November 19, 2009

free will and team jacob.

happy new moon day! word is, it's a juicebomb. i'm so excited. [and i miss a certain former roommate and co-twilight fan who would definitely go see it with me.]

so my students are currently, when they're supposed to be learning, all about looking at taylor lautner on the cover of men's health. guess what, guys? this child was born in 1992. [which makes the accompanying article that much more ridiculous. he's a good cover model because he gained muscle between the ages of 15 and 17? yeah, that's what happens to people between their freshman and junior years of HIGH SCHOOL. blargh.]

interestingly, he came up in class today when i talked about how being in a real relationship is both better and worse than being in an imaginary relationship with a celebrity. the freedom to give and receive love also leaves us open rejection - right? it's the paradox of free will, students! free will gives us the ability to say "i love you" and have it mean something, but then we eat fruit we're not supposed to and get kicked out of the garden! the catechism calls it a terrible mystery. we can choose to love God and each other, but we can also choose not to...

also, this is the kind of blog feedback i get.
Thanks for the shout-out in the blog. Also, I loved your post on UST. Except, they weren't just uncover as a married couple, but undercover as married ASSASSIANS.
she's right, of course.

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