Saturday, July 01, 2006


okay, this is what happens when you talk about trading adam dunn, who is officially my new favorite reds player. the spot's been open since sean casey went to the pirates [sad, sad day] - welcome, dunner, to the prestigious position of being the player i defend by saying things like, "but i loooove him! he's so good at baseball!"

but hey, was i right about him? currently, yes. okay, so we'll see... :)

also, it's come to my attention that perhaps this blog should be called something else:

b: you know, you call yourself a blogger, by the way.
me: i just updated, hoebag.
b: hahahaha as I was typing that I realized that I didn't check it yesterday, and you probably updated it yesterday.
b: for the first time in FIVE MONTHS, approx.
me: i know, i think that's hilarious.
me: i also like how it's all about the reds.
bets: hahahaha it so is.
bets: it's like "so i like words, okay?" [proceeds to talk exclusively about baseball.]

um. so i like words and baseball, okay?

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