Thursday, August 31, 2006

faith, you say?

so this guy was raised a democrat, had a religious conversion, became a republican because of the abortion issue, and now is getting criticism from his party over his position on immigration. and he has this position because his grandpa was an irish immigrant. i mean, you can read about it. what a good political story, you know? it's almost like watching the west wing. i like it when people are like, you know what? this is what i believe is right.

although i disagree when people are elected and then go on a power trip. (this is where my brother would remind me what it means to be a republic, but he's facebook "very conservative," so what are you going to do?) so anyway, maybe i like this for another reason, hmm? :)

or maybe i should just read melly's article.

i just realized that "it's almost like watching the west wing" isn't exactly mature political dialogue.

i'm watching an episode of the cosby show where the whole family stops in the living room because rudy (age 6, maybe) is watching dr. king on tv, and they all just stop what they're doing and stand there and listen. this show could not GET any better. also, theo is still my number one tv crush.

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