Sunday, October 29, 2006

apostles at the voting booth

"Jesus lived in politically hot times, and the people of his day were looking for a political leader and savior. Consequently, people were constantly trying to get Jesus to throw his weight behind this or that political issue, but Jesus consistently refused. He never so much as commented on the politics of his day. We know that two of his closest disciples -- Matthew (a "tax collector") and Simon (a "zealot") -- were farther apart politically than Michele Bachmann and Patty Wetterling could ever dream of being. Yet Jesus never said a word about it."

i haven't seen this point made a lot, but i LIKE it. i think i've said before that i'm afraid that this God's politics push is going to turn into another pendulum swing - aaaand now the left is religious! wheee! so i'd like to see more articles like this one from the faith perspective. as much as i'd like everyone to agree with me (wheee!) i think there must be some degree of danger in that. i know this is a point that pretty much goes without saying, but i think it's even more important to consider when we're talking about faith and politics - that is, the fact that disagreements are possible (and even necessary) among faithful christians.

who's picturing two men with beards and sandals glaring at each other before they go into the voting booths? anyone?

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