Sunday, February 11, 2007


this is what i missed because i had the stupid, stupid flu.

here's what i wonder: who recommended the "let's be the generation" language to him? because i've met lots of people from older generations who don't like him at all. he doesn't seem to be speaking to old people at all, and i'm not sure he can get elected without them. i mean, i realize i'm not technically barack's generation either. but when he says "our generation," i say, "yeah!" i'm not sure that people who are older than he is feel the same way.

another criticism i heard - that obama and the other early candidates should stop it with the "glittering alliteration" and talk about what they're actually going to do. i'd say that, first of all, it's not really time for nuts and bolts yet. and second of all, he pretty much laid out what's going to be important to him.

also, "glittering alliteration" is a great phrase. i'm going to remember that one. and the speech gave me goosebumps. so there, critics.

"let's do this."

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