Sunday, December 09, 2007

clear oscar contenders.

k: well, i'm not trying to be all doomsday...
m: what are you, the CTA?

i was falling on the ice this weekend [into the arms of gentlemen, of course, because i'm just that kind of girl] and totally compared it to while you were sleeping. what a great movie. i'd say it's the best movie i've ever seen... about the CTA...

i mean, i really do love it. no lie. sandra bullock is definitely playing me in the movie of my life. [next question: what's the movie of my life going to be called? especially since dangerous liaisons is already taken.]

"i have to go, i'm really late, because i have to, um, go... but it was nice meeting you... jack."

also, please enjoy chad vader - and john was right, it's definitely better if you're a star wars fan. or if you were in a star wars fan club in junior high. not that i was, or anything.

this is only episode 1...

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