Sunday, December 14, 2008

"i want to change the world. instead, i sleep."

i have a list on my computer of songs i can't find on itunes. then i check itunes periodically to see if they're available yet. tonight, i downloaded "keep breathing" by ingrid michaelson [yes, my favorite genre of music is "songs i heard on grey's"] and the title of this post is an actual line from the song. shoot. a little close to home, there, ingrid.

song's good, though. sort of the opposite of "world on fire," but i like it.


  1. Hi friend!!! So I was just going to call you when I realized your number isn't in my phone - how that happened, I have no idea! But it makes me sad, so instead of a rambling voicemail message, you and your blog readers will get a fantastic, rambling blog message! :-) So I was thinking about you tonight because I found this old e-mail from Margaret from way back in the day going through memories from the summer of 2004 - the year we all did Vision. I wanted to share some of my favorites:
    1. The ride back from Dayton where Margaret was talking about a Vision skit and then I told a story and you were in the backseat and couldn't hear anything because my ghetto car didn't have AC so we had the windows open and Margaret just kept saying "You talk, I'll drive".
    2. The nap we took in my bed - all three of us in a twin bed. :-)
    3. The phone calls our room got for this woman named Kim and Maraget and I couldn't get through a sentence we were laughing so hard so you had to take the phone and explain to the person that no Kim lived there and it was actually a dorm.

    Oh my gosh - my stomach seriously hurts from laughing so hard! I hope these hilarious memories brought a smile to your face! And your avid blog readers are thinking "What the heck?" right about now - hello blog readers! :-)


  2. PS - I've seen Ingrid in concert - AWESOME!