Monday, May 18, 2009

everything is amazing, part two.

today on the bus, i waved at a baby in the car next to me. the baby did that "i'm going to give you a suspicious look, then i'll smile" thing that babies do, and she said something in baby language. her mom was like, whaaat? then she looked back and saw me jamming on my ipod [to dmb's before these crowded streets - remember THAT album?] and waving at her baby, and she smiled. i smiled back. and just like that, i felt like i was in a liberty mutual commercial.

it's a good thing liberty mutual is my insurance company for real, or i'd feel really awkward about how much i love their commercials.

then i came home and had this picture in my inbox! bus tracker for EVERY route, guys!

and i went for a run!
and i didn't get rained on!
and my favorite blogger is back!

i didn't think it was a great day at first, but man. look at all this cool stuff that happened.

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