Sunday, December 20, 2009

christmas music recommendations.

bets introduced me to a lovely song that she thought i might like. like this: "i mean, it's michael buble, which may be slightly off-putting." and, you know, i like to pretend i don't like his music. but then i keep listening to it, so there you have it. anyway, it's called "haven't met you yet," and it's about how he's going to meet someone awesome, etc. anyway, he has this line that goes, "i guess it's half timing, and the other half's luck." but he kind of buble-style slurs it, and it sounds so much like he's singing, "and the other half SLUT." it makes me giggle every time. i like it.

and here's a song we would have loved in 2003, and that i still love now - "all that i want for christmas (is to give my love away)" by the rescues. i know, right? you already want it. it was on grey's, of course.

and, every year - all i want for christmas is you, and breath of heaven. it's not christmas without those.

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