Thursday, February 11, 2010

happy valentine's day?

i recently realized that i kind of feel like valentine's day is tomorrow. i'm planning my outfit and my class activities. i'll be showing people my valentine's day argyle socks. [it's okay to be jealous.] apparently being a teacher is affecting how and when i celebrate national holidays.

who's seen the worldwide "all you need is love" video? it'll play when you click here. it made a bunch of valentine-haters say "awww" today, guys. i'm just saying. and, according to what seems like a semi-reliable study, you might be more likely to do something nice after watching it.

a google buzz excitement and backlash hit pretty much simultaneously, here's a weirdly accurate and highly popular article about the quarterlife crisis.

bonus rage: "The study included only female participants just in case men might be more likely to want to aid the female instructor." HETERONORMATIVITY FAIL.

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  1. I just watched the Starbucks LOVE video - I loved it!! You can go to the map and watch the full videos - I teared up while watching the one from the Marshall Islands!!! Thanks for sharing, love.