Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so i was grading at a coffee shop tonight. [if you remember the time i was groaning about my students' papers and the employees volunteered to grade them for me, this was the same one.] i like it because it's open late-ish and has dinner food. yum.

so the place has tables for two that are put together. i sat down at a double table so i could spread out my stuff, because usually the place isn't super busy. then, a big family came in and stood around awkwardly. there was a triple table next to me, so i said, "would you like this table?" and moved my stuff off the table next to me. the dad was like, "that would be greeeeeeat" with kind of a grimace. so then they went to get their food, came back, and two of the kids SAT at my TABLE. i was like, "hi? did you want to, um, move the table - well, um, of course i don't mind sitting with you!" because, right? i was hoping they were going to rearrange the tables. and then it was so awkward, because i really should have just moved to another table. you know, one of the other empty tables. that these people could have used. the same distance away from their family. not RIGHT NEXT to me. and then it was too late to move. AWKWARD.

so i did the next section of my grading about two inches away from two high school students talking about high school gossip.

also, a dog on the train scared the bejeezus out of me. again, my limit is zero dogs in unexpected places. especially in the seat next to me, disguised as unassuming duffel bags. [it was a dog in a bag.] i will visit dogs, and walk dogs, and say hi to dogs on the street, and i do understand why people take their dogs on the train. i was just surprised, okay? the bag MOVED.


these census commercials are silly. why don't they just show that one episode of the west wing? i believe it's called "mr. willis of ohio." [double-checked. it is.] remember, and CJ has to admit to sam that she doesn't understand the census? "i've been playing it fast and loose...." haha, i say that all the time. for those of you who haven't seen this, excuse me. i'm just having a little moment.

so, currently watching SVU. i was afraid my aviator sunglasses were going out of style, but olivia's wearing them, so i'm all set. other than that, it's pretty much the saddest episode i've ever seen. olivia's all, "i don't know a lot about MS," and the doctor's all, "this victim is super depressed, uncommunicative, and about to die." and she's getting ABUSED by her SISTER. and BUS DRIVER. and she can't talk! i'm starting to realize why people find this show depressing.

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  1. Ok, I have been under a rock. Can you keep me up to date on my Phillies? And sorry if the pooch was too excited to see you.