Friday, January 13, 2012

horses and drama.

This Illustrated Review of War Horse is, yes, hilarious and charming in the way of Hyperbole and a Half - it was Linda Holmes's "what's making me happy this week" on this week's Pop Culture Happy Hour (which, guys, are you listening?) and it's great, besides the fact that I'm behind the times on this. And also, I consume wayyyy more pop culture commentary than I do actual pop culture. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Anyway, the best thing about that piece is that it reminds me of Greg's Barbaro Responds to Fans, but I might be biased, since Greg is a real life friend.

I've been watching Dawson's Creek for the first time. I've been watching it all in a row, which has led me to a discovery about predictable network dramas. I keep saying things like, "When is Joey going to date her professor?" and "YESSS closeted gay storyline is here!" (although, to be fair, i thought it was going to have a happy ending) and "Wait, Audrey and Pacey haven't hooked up yet?" I'm not a super prediction machine usually, but watching [a certain number of] seasons in [a certain amount of time]? Kind of revealing about the story arc.

Hulu always asks me if I want to share my watch history with friends. And I'm always like, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

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