Monday, February 27, 2012

wherein i am right sometimes and wrong sometimes.

So I was wrong about SVU not surviving without Eliot. But you know why? Because I was only beginning to realize how awesome Olivia is. (I do miss him, though.)

I did have a bad Hulu Plus moment when I was like, oh! I want to watch an episode of SVU! How abouuuuut... the most-watched one! And Hulu was like, oh, it's last week's episode. Because more and more people are watching online, I guess. But go for the best-rated, guys. I recommend it. (Of course, it's "Doubt." That episode is the most amazing of TV ever. Maybe.)

Also, I feel like I was just talking about this - "You think I'm reading your mind... but really, I'm just reading your blog."

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