Thursday, May 04, 2006

is it possible he may have been high when he picked it out?

so what ABOUT those ads that say "your parents may know more about drugs than you think"? i'm a little concerned that kids will actually be asking their parents about drugs. and their parents will not know anything about any drugs except the 1969 version of pot. i mean, i'm all about the "even if you smoked pot, tell your kids not to do it" thing. [sorry, potsmokers.] it seems to address a legitimate problem. but i'm afraid this new "ask your parents" thing won't work. maybe some parents can let me know about this.

hehe i just saw that sex and the city where everyone at miranda's law firm thinks she's a lesbian. and she kisses the lesbian just to check.

miranda: yup. definitely straight.
lesbian: yeah, you are.

oh! i'm supposed to be working on a PAPER!

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