Thursday, May 11, 2006

more commas, please

so breaking news is how the nsa knows who i've called. i think i don't really care. like, i'll tell you who i called. and i realize that several people know that i, or at least my ip address, read mcsweeneys and watch gamecast almost every day. if the nsa starts monitoring the internet, they can find that stuff out. i mean, i don't know if it's a generational thing or what, but i'm aware that technology allows us much less privacy than we had in the past. and with the phone thing, it's not evidence and it's not proof of anything - it can only lead to information that's already there. [at this point in the typing, i can see why this makes people like the ACLU mad.]

did everyone know that they can figure out who you are based on your phone records, even if you change your number? the guy on npr [i listened to all things considered more than once today. kind of like my brother watches the same sportscenter all day] was like, "think of the combination of people you call. probably no one in the world calls the same people - you call the people close to you, but you don't call yourself." maybe a stupid hmm moment for me, but hmmmmmm.

i realized when i was driving home today that i live in the city now. there are more trees at home home. it's like a forest world.

and also, love this. has there been buzz about bloomsday 2006? there has.

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