Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ban comic sans

okay, you all must read this article about fonts.

now, i don't pretend to be a design expert. but i can tell you the fonts that all my friends have used on AIM for the last seven years. so there's that. do you think that these people hate many of my friends on spec? [if nothing else, click on the "photos" link. there's a whole collection of grassroots propaganda, with pictures and literature stuck to instances of comic sans all over the world.]

things that worry me: where i'll find free internet next, the baby who threw up on the flight here who is also on the return flight, going to the bathroom from the window seat, whether or not i can sleep my computer instead of turning it off for takeoff, and whether "on spec" is trite.

[later edit: i just re-read this post and got mad that i used the phrase "on spec" before i noticed that i already questioned it the first time. please note both my obsession with writing style and the enjoyment i get from reading my own blog.]

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