Thursday, May 03, 2007

middle middle middle america

this was the lead local news story on the ten o'clock news tonight. "an animal lover's worst nightmare - their pet being brutally killed. it happened to a morton man's dog thursday afternoon and now an entire neighborhood is on edge..." okay. this is the LEAD STORY. a freaking puppy was killed. they interviewed several people and read the story [the transcript linked above is pretty word-for-word] with extreme gravity. this is middle america, folks.

on the other hand, in the nati, it's always like "there is a threat to your family that you don't even know about. we'll give you the key to avoiding it - story at eleven." and you're like, i'd like to go to bed - but what about my family's safety? how could i be so irresponsible?

also, note that the late news is on at ten in central time, and there's also early news at nine. has everyone realized that the entire central time zone must be really well rested? i'm watching conan and it's midnight. what IS that.

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