Sunday, November 04, 2007

itunes and i should get a room

so i just checked itunes, as i periodically do, for songs that were not on itunes the last time i checked. and i'm so, so excited for the songs i got.

on the new playlist:
mundy - to you i bestow [remember this one, from the romeo + juliet soundtrack? i really love it, even though it's just the live one]
jonathan edwards - no more sad songs [aww, my dad likes it and it's so, so sweet]
metamora - little potato [one of mike's favorites, and predictably weird]
craig armstrong featuring evan dando - wake up in new york [a song i heard one time when paul was watching brothers and sisters]

yeah, so my life's pretty awesome right now.

"i'd get a room with this cake. i think i could show this cake a good time." - monica

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