Sunday, November 04, 2007

nooooooooo! yayyyyyyyyy!

hahaha, has everyone seen this commercial? hilarious.

- they were out of snickers.
- nooooooooo! [throws trash can]
- but i got these snickers dark instead?
- yayyyyyyyyy! [throws another trash can]

also, this is possibly the coolest thing i've ever seen - from better world books, where you should all shop.
Carbonfree™ Shipping

Until Willie Nelson's Biodiesel bus does deliveries, we've got no choice but to send your book on normal planes, trains and automobiles. They all deliver your book considerably faster than we could on our bikes, but they belch carbon dioxide into the air the whole time. In case Al Gore hasn't stopped by your house, sat you down, and given you his slideshow yet, we've got some news for you. These carbon dioxide emissions are overheating our planet, causing a "climate crisis". Carbon Offsets are a way that we can "offset" these emissions through the purchase of clean energy credits and reversing deforestation. It is only a few pennies per book, but when thousands of people do it every day it adds up.

We looked at our shipments and used’s Carbonfree™ Shipping application to estimate the average offset needed for our packages and we always round up. 100% of the funds charged as Carbon Offsets WILL be used to purchase carbon offsets. Once Better World Books is 100% carbon neutral, we'll start to offset the carbon emissions of our non-profit partners. After that, we'll offset Exxon's emissions. They'll never know what hit 'em.

We work with to make this possible. If you like it, demand Carbonfree™ Shipping wherever you shop online.

CAN al gore stop by my house? and i also like the "if you like it." thanks for letting me make up my own mind. :)

also, i went to a great used bookstore today. you know, one of those places with narrow aisles and books stacked to the ceiling. when the phone rang, the man answered it "bookstore." talk about matter-of-fact.

please join me in making fun of the army's recruiting commercials. brother and his ROTC friends do - "army strong. army sad."

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