Wednesday, October 01, 2008

pumpkins! scarves! beer! sarah palin!

beer store guy: ... and this breakfast stout is actually made with fair trade coffee beans.
b: get out! i'm a total sucker for fair trade. could you tell by my scarf?!

i think i might be getting a little too enthusiastic, in general. but - let's wear our cute fall clothes and enjoy the landlord's halloween decorations! wooo october!

i think of this onion story every time i get an email from obama. or michelle obama. or david pfloufffe [or whatever his name is]. or john kerry. or whoever's doing community organizing downstate. but the problem is, i think it's true. so i'm like, "even BARACK OBAMA deletes these emails." and then i'm like, oh yeah. the onion is mostly fiction.

but tina fey is totally messing with my concept of satire vs. reality....

i mean, right? anyone else? my roommate was showing the real interview, and then the skit, and i kept having to be like, wait a second...

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