Saturday, September 27, 2008

all that you can't leave behind.

some things you shouldn't live without for much longer...

the new storypeople ebook! brian andreas makes me cry every time. i'm having a very "i don't know exactly what a prayer is" moment about it...

but it's free, so you should go ahead and download it. unless you're like me and you need to get an external hard drive asap and have no room for anything else.

and speaking of which, itunes genius. has everyone gotten the new itunes update? because, DO IT. it's like pandora, with music you already own. genius indeed, especially when you have many songs that are neglected most of the time because you're always listening to, you know, "world spins madly on" or something.


i'm back in the phase of my life where i have to ask everyone's advice about everything. remember that? [it IS much like 2003 over here lately, come to think of it.] but probably the best advice i got today was, "you all are thinking like GIRLS. maybe he just means what he says."

burned the crust of my cheesecake this morning. after all that work, it only takes a minute to ruin the whole thing. i really, really hope this isn't a metaphor for life.


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