Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WWJD, plus many more letters.

in the faculty room, while laughing out loud at this craiglist posting [courtesy of hill]...

k: is that how you laugh?

b: they should really take away my grown-up card. i'm spilling coffee everywhere...
c: no way man, you totally just got your card stamped by asking if anyone has your tupperware.

i had a friend send me this awesome, awesome storypeople.
Loose guidelines for living: Part I
#3. Just think to yourself: "what would Jesus do?" & if you don't like the answer, try again with a slight variation: "what would Jesus do if he were in your shoes & had all those bills & he was used to all the perks of being an American, too? Would he do it any different?" & usually the answer is No.
i mean, theologically, WWJD doesn't really work as well as "what would jesus want us to do?" because jesus did some things that we're not allowed to do. like, judge people with his heart-reading ability. but that's something that's really nerdy and i don't usually bring that up.

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  1. credit where credit is due. kris sent me the post...