Sunday, September 07, 2008

shock me, shock me, shock me...

so, you know when someone's talking on the phone on the train and you listen in? yeah, today that was me. there was a cute guy, you know, and he was definitely looking at me. because he was listening to my phone conversation and probably judging me.

because, um, here are some things i said:
"so, what, you're going to tell me you're NOT gay?"
"well, okay, unless you want me to wear something sluttier..."
"hey, while i have you on the phone, can you think of some gospel passages about morality that i should use for a prayer service for my kids?"

i did not speak to said cute guy when we got off the train. but don't you think that, if he had liked me based on that conversation, we would have had a great future together?

and, i mean, this is why i don't usually talk on the phone on the train.

learned today: things that are interesting on the blog are not always interesting in real life. also, apparently teachers could use my blog to teach kids how NOT to write.



  1. Who were you talking to?!

  2. hahaha, are you jealous?

    it was a boy. a boy, who is gay, with whom i talk about such things. i'll let you guess. :)