Monday, September 15, 2008

playing normal.

so, this weekend, i was really glad that i own some great rain boots. i just wore them everywhere. with my coat, and my umbrella. and was still wet. i mean, i realize that this is not an actual problem... [apparently my parents' house got no rain and all of the wind. interesting?]

remember that time i saw the dog with boots?

[pause while i look for the time i blogged about this...]

GASP. apparently i haven't blogged this story. it was so, so awesome.

last winter, i was walking on the icy sidewalk when i came upon a guy my age walking a dog, and the dog was wearing, like, patagonia boots. they were parka material [you know?] and they had velcro around the ankles. it was a tiny dog, too. with skinny little legs. i thought it was ridiculous. and before i thought much more, i was like, "is your DOG wearing BOOTS?"

and he, obviously, was like, "yeah."

so i had to think REALLY FAST about what a normal, dog-accepting person would say. and i went, "that is sooooo cuuuute!" then i jumped into the car with my friends and was like, "GUYS. YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS."

anyway, apparently dogs need boots because the salt gets into their cute little paws, or something. i still scoff. i'm sure my friends at the dog vote will disagree, but there you have it.


spent all day sunday at the coffee shop. it was lovely. had some friends drop by, drank some excellent specialty coffee drinks. caribou likes to put, like, chocolate shavings and marshmallows and shit on top of your toasted marshmallow mocha. i mean, i'll take it. all in all, i felt very college about the whole thing. and i liked it.


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  1. Ummmm dog boots are weird. If your dog has problems with ice and snow in their paws, you can buy a spray that de-ices it for them. It's a lot cheaper and less nerdy than dog boots, in my humble opinion. Now if your dog boots were blue Obama dog boots or matched your Obama bandana, then we might have another story!!!

    Is it hypocritical that I'm all about dog coats, though!!